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Energy Solutions that Power Innovation, Growth and Social Impact
Sanvaru Technology Limited is a leading manufacturer and specializes in providing innovative and customized Lithium-Ion Battery Storage solutions (BESS) for the fulfillment of Decarbonization, Digitization, Decentralization.

An ISO 9001:2000 & ISO: 14001:2015 certified enterprise under its brand name Li3 & SANVARU

Sanvaru Technology Limited is capable of handling virtually any energy storage need, anywhere in the world, from our highly automated advanced production facility in Delhi NCR, Greater Delhi, India. Our focus is on the growing demand for high-tech storage solutions in Stationary, E Mobility, Future & Smart Cities, commercial transportation and specialty applications.

Using the brightest engineering minds in cutting-edge facilities, we help customers all over the world develop new energy storage applications and solutions based on proven lithium-ion chemistry.

Sanvaru technology Limited Storage technology is viable, scalable large-format cell technology with manufacturing expertise, deep market knowledge and a wide range of strategic partners to help fuel our customers’ innovations, Knowledge and Market base.

Energy storage serves as a central catalyst for modernizing and creating a more reliable and resilient, efficient, sustainable, and affordable energy/grid in the domain of stationary Storage, e-mobility, Urban Mobility, Future Smart eco cities and Modern infra”.

Sanvaru is powering the clean energy renaissance with a positively ingenious energy storage solution and that’s why we are saying power forever and that’s the main differentiator.

Our innovative Business Model of EaaS, PaaS and RaaS energy storage platform are vertically integrated and purpose-built solution for the demands of utility-scale, residential, commercial and industrial, Data Centers and micro grid applications.

At our design & Innovation center, we are fulfilling the SDGs of the UN, COP and Paris Climate Agreement, development of IOT, IOE and AI, Blockchain through Energy Exchanges (Multiple Currencies and in multiple Energy Exchange like Chicago Climate and European Climate Exchanges).

MEET OUR leadership TEAM


Chairman and MD

(B.Tech. E&C), EDP- CBS -US, Member – FICCI-CMSME, CII, ESA, ECS, NEMA, ESJ, FLCTD. Mr. Shukla is a seasoned Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer with over 30 years of diverse industrial experience and practical expertise in a variety of electrochemical applications. He stands by his values – Simplicity, Honesty, Integrity, Humility and Empathy.
He has had experience doing business in global markets including Australia, NZ/Pac, SE Asia, India, ME, Sub-Saharan Africa and North America.


CGO – ESS/BESS & HFC, New & Special Initiative, Impact Investing

Over 18 years of rich & extensive experience in Renewable, Sustainable & Clean Energy business development & Finance, Strategic Management & Analysis, Sustainable Impact Analysis & Management, Business Excellence and Transformation, Behavioural Finance & Technical Analysis, Software Development with Companies like Siemens – Gamesa, Etain ImMODO Renewables Limited (a Spanish JV), Entegra Limited (S Kumar’s Ltd.), NEPC India Limited, Credit Suisse Plc (UK), LGT Finance (UK), WSI International (US), PSA Peugeot Citroen (France) and RREL India Pvt Limited ( YES BANK SBU). Worked on the edges between technology, Sustainability, Strategy, Management/Business and Climate & Energy Finance.

advisory board



Electrical Engineer, graduated from VJTI, Mumbai University. Mr. Krishnan has over 37+ years of experience with Global Leaders like Tata, IBM, HP, NCR, and Siemens- in the Leadership role that has driven growth and led to diversification in these companies  globally with his expert competence in the areas of Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Go To  Market Understanding, and Leadership Development. He is a Director & Advisory Board Member at various companies & start-ups. His  expertise lies in Coaching, Mentoring, and providing Advisory Services in the areas of  Business Strategy, Business Development, Go To Market, Joint Ventures Support in the  Government & Corporate sector, Business Specialization, Talent Acquisition and Merger  & Acquisition (M&A).

shailendra kumar shukla


Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Power Companies, Vidyut Sewa Bhawan, Dangnia, Raipur. After graduating Engineering from Jawahar Lal Nehru University in 1982, Mr. Shukla embarked on the journey of being one of the finest technocrats in the country. Presently, with 38 years of sound experience in  Project Management, Finance Management, working on Institutional Grants, working closely with  Bureaucrats and Technocrats, Managing a Company, and with Deep Knowledge about Environment,  Power, and Energy issues including mines in India and globally, he has done it all. His work was recognized by Dr. Abdul Kalam in the field of Biofuel, who also visited Chhattisgarh twice  to acknowledge and analyse his research activities. He has been a frequently invited guest as expert  faculty and to deliver speeches in top institutes like IIT, IIMS, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT), Boston, USA.

anil nath


B.Tech Chemical Engineering from IIT-Delhi and PGDM from IIM-Calcutta. He has 30 years of experience in various industrial product lines by working with multinational companies across several geographies, which also led to having great exposure to diverse cultural  work environments. Presently, Mr. Nath is an independent consultant and focused on providing Market &  Business Development Services to Indian and overseas entities in domestic as well as  international markets.

Rakesh Kumar


Vice President of Technology for Specialty Coating Systems, Inc., USA, where he leads the R&D group and manages Parylene R&D activities worldwide. His prior work experience includes Technical and Management positions with United Panel, Inc., Lucent  Technologies, and OptronX, Inc. With 30 years of extensive experience in various  materials and their applications in the medical, electronics, and semiconductors areas,  presently he is involved with the application of materials in the field of medical devices,  electronics, MEMS, sensors, and nanotechnology. Dr. Kumar earned his Doctoral Degree in Organic Chemistry from India and completed  his Post-Doctorate work in Polymer Chemistry at the UCL, U.K. He is co-author of a book  and has authored several published papers and patents. His personal interests include  community service, cultural activities, volunteer work, golf, and photography.

our vision & mission


To build a world with innovatively designed, sustainable energy sources for the better life of future generation.


We believe customer retention is achieved only when customers are satisfied with our solutions. We started with the sole mission of serving our customers with their battery pack and storage solution-specific needs.

Why Choose us ?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if companies like become part of solving the “energy needs”? Our Offering:  
  • First of its Kind to Announce the Bankable Energy Storage Solutions Under the Concept “Power for All- 24 X7” under Net Zero Model.
  • Results based Business Case: Data Centres, Telecom Towers, C & I Customers, Mini and Micro Grids
Why Sanvaru?
  • Reduction or deferral of capital expenses (CAPEX)
  • Reduction of operating expenses (OPEX).
Leveraging Scalable, Smart, Safe Technology for a best-in-class Commercial Battery Solution Business Model and Growth Strategy At Sanvaru, we have a 360 Degree business model that has been developed in-house wherein we cater the business in terms of EaaS, PaaS, RaaS to satisfy the customers basis on their needs and demand. Also, we have created a healthy proportion of Quality and Price for a perfectly competitive market. We don’t believe in price wars on the basis of quality and services. More participation in the manufacturing of new innovative technological approach by maximum participation by engaging HCM for investor in people company category and equal opportunity to minimize the gap of gender inequality.


Carbon neutral and equitable company by year 2027

Continous innovation

Strong national and Indian Other and alliances for lithium cells

Research & production

Battery cell research and production Centre


Cell development plant for the battery industry, set-up through the NREL, IIT and other Institute, to produce cylindrical and pouch cells.• Part of the industry consortium contributing to the plant set-up and operation.


Sanvaru Technology has sophisticated machinery to carry out mass production to meet the needs of their customer
Jalgaon Customer
Sanvaru Technology has a very good experience in lithium ion and LiFePo4 batteries, they always provide good quality product with good price, i recommend it’s batteries
Noida Customer
Good quality, prompt service with reasonable price and on time delivery with well co-ordination by team members.
Nagpur Customer

awards & recognitions

  1. Make in India Award in the category of Lithium-Ion Batteries.
  2. EQ Maharashtra “Solar Awards –SuryaCon 2020”.
  3. Emerging innovators Energetica
  4. CIO: 10 most promising Energy Solution Provider Company for the year 2020.
  5. Financial Budget Participation on Lithium-Ion manufacturing with GOI.
  6. Published an article for “How Latest energy Storage Technology & Trends game changer for the renewable Sector”.
  7. Indian Achievers Award for the Year 2021.

corporate Governance

To drive sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the medium and long terms, Sanvaru Technology is committed to establishing an organization and systems with a 360 – degree business model, which fulfils the whole value chain of the business with a circular economy and that is in line with the sustainable development goals (SDG7).

The company’s basic policy on corporate governance offers the full life cycle of business design: developing solutions for engineering,
manufacturing, supply, marketing, and recycling – every effort to thoroughly implement and strengthen compliance and enhance the soundness and transparency of management.

Under our corporate philosophy of Sanvaru Technology Pvt Ltd principles, the board of directors and corporate office are solely responsible for the overall governance including the appointment of executive directors, provisions of strategic direction, setting up targets to company and management, the face of investment promotion, change decisions based on market trends and approval of budgets, etc.

The Board determine company’s business policies in accordance with its social interest and while considering its social and environmental aspects, ensure that they are implemented and reviews the outcomes based on milestones, distribute reports to ensure shareholder transparency and accountability and make decisions about any and all issues concerning the company, within the limits of the corporate purpose, except for those matters which, by law, can only be decided in a Shareholders Meeting.

The company adheres to guidelines for effective corporate governance as set by the company laws of international and Indian standards, and constantly reviews its practices to ensure that its standards are following required regulatory regimes. With regards to the Company’s communication with its various stakeholders, the Board has Disclosure, Confidentiality and Insider Trading Policies which includes comprehensive procedures governing, among other things, timely disclosure of material information, mineral disclosure,electronic communications, insider trading and selective disclosure. 

Sanvaru is committed to building and maintaining a reputation for integrity, honesty, and fair dealing in all its relationships and business proceedings and has established a corporate culture that encourages best business practices – including compliance with all the local & global laws, and regulations which govern its operations. Sanvaru Technology gives utmost emphasis in achieving high performance for our shareholders and focus on adding value to the business & workforce communities in which we operate. We are committed to achieve the set goals and operate within a framework of fair, ethical and responsible business environment.

Our Promises To You

Our dedicated team adheres to six shared values that are at the forefront of everything we do to bring excellence.


Actively ensuring that no one gets hurt


Relationships and Service are at our core


Always truthful, trustworthy, and honest


Taking personal accountability for behaviours and results


Delivering excellence at every opportunity


Continuously improving and innovating

We Deliver the best lithium-ion batteries