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Powering a sustainable World

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Committed to net zero

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Core Difference

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Technology, Product, SCM, E-intelligence

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Critical Differentiator

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Our Differences

  • Powering a Sustainable World
  • Committed to net zero
  • Core Difference
  • Technology, Product, SCM, e-Intelligence
  • Critical Differentiator

Steps toward sustaining our future Environment, Ethics and Our People. ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT Sanvaru provides a step change greener solution for recovering lithium.   A SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION  Sustainability remains at the forefront of our efforts. The result of this breakthrough technology is a radically smaller footprint in lithium production, coupled with little to no fresh water usage, significantly lower CO₂ emissions, and zero harmful chemicals or reagents injected back into the ground. The benefits continue when the lithium is then incorporated into battery storage to advance the implementation of renewable energy. HOW YOU CAN HELP? At Sanvaru, we are dedicated to not only doing our part to save our planet but also empowering individuals with the knowledge and passion to enact personal change that will inevitably contribute to a better future. Every little bit you do makes an impact toward the greater good. Here are a few simple ways you can start: 1 Reduce your own footprint by minimizing waste, eating a more plant-based diet, recycling/repurposing when you can, and making the most sustainable alternative choices when you can’t. Here are some quick and easy tips. But don’t forget… 2 Only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of fossil fuel emissions. This means that though individual change is important, the biggest impact we can make comes from demanding corporate responsibility from big businesses like these. Make a statement with your dollar, by spending and investing your money in sustainable businesses instead. 3 Be politically active, whether that’s voting, canvassing, protesting, or even getting involved in local government yourself. We have the power, but it starts with being informed and active citizens. Here are some tips to get you going. 4 Support racial justice by examining your own biases, protesting, redistributing wealth, and supporting politicians and policies that will lead to equity for all. You can read more about how climate change is a racial issue here. 5 Use your voice. We all have a platform, no matter how big or small, and it’s important that we use our platforms for good. Whether that means sharing information on your social media channels or having some difficult conversations with your friends and families, you have more influence than you realize. It’s time to use it.   START USING YOUR VOICE We want to give you everything you need to start advocating for climate change right now. Download these assets and start sharing climate change content with your followers. We can all make a difference—maybe yours starts here.   The Energy to Challenge Sanvaru helps solve the world’s most pressing energy challenges with a broad range of innovative energy storage solutions.   Accelerate Your Success Sanvaru will partner with you to take on your challenges and help you achieve your goals.  

At the forefront of the energy transition

Together with our clients, our employees and our partners we are on an exciting journey. The destination: Becoming a Net Zero business across all services we provide by 2050.

We will do much more between now and 2050: Our energy evolution will be boosted by shifting our global fleet toward greener liquid fuels and gas. And there are many paths to explore as we head toward our goal of Net Zero, such as the potential of e-fuels, hydrogen-ready engines and fuel cells.

Our new strategy is ambitious, but achievable. Our experience and expertise give us the perfect foundation to reduce both our own environmental footprint and that of our customers.

We are headed toward a greener future – together with you.


Our team continually researches the latest developments in battery chemistries, cell design, upgrades our testing capabilities, and enhances manufacturing techniques by developing new methods and utilizing innovative resources. We understand that no universal solution exists in battery chemistry. For this reason, we pride ourselves in cultivating innovative design and manufacturing teams to optimize your battery solutions.


The Battery Management System (BMS) functions as the “brain” of the battery pack. It measures and reports crucial information for the operation of the battery at the cell & pack level; monitoring state of charge, state of health, protection and wide range of operating parameters.  

In its simplest form, a BMS is a Protection Control Module (PCM).  A PCM is normally embedded in the battery or battery pack and prevents cells from over-charging and over-discharging conditions.

Battery protection circuits have two electronic switches known as MOSFET’s or semiconductors used to switch electronic signals on or off in a circuit.

Battery fuel (gas) gauge ICs measure battery current, voltage and temperature to find state-of-charge and more. These parameters help control a battery pack performance on the system level to ensure efficient functionality.

Overwhelming increases of portable end-user applications in wireless, computing, consumer, medical, industrial, and automotive markets make battery management solutions vital for today’s markets. This demand for greater reliability from battery-powered systems, Sanvaru helps ensure the highest product safety through implementation of chargers that protect batteries in every operating condition.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best in Cell & Battery Assembly Solutions. Our equipment and quality initiatives allow us to produce top-tier products at competitive prices.

Our teams continually research the latest developments in cell design, testing capabilities, and enhanced manufacturing techniques by developing new methods and utilizing innovative resources.

We understand that no universal battery solution exists. It is based strictly on our customers criteria. For this reason, we pride ourselves in cultivating innovative custom design, for ease of manufacture, and application teams to optimize your portable power solutions.

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Discovering the next generation of energy storage and conversion technologies