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Lithium Ion Batteries for Health Care Industries

Solar Energy Storage Solutions using Lithium Ion Batteries

Sanvaru is a leading manufacturer of Lithium Ion Storage for GPS/VTS system, POS machine, Medical instruments and other types of electronics instruments. We have been a pioneer in Lithium Ion Storage solutions and have executed various installations for storage of renewable energy and have integrated with UPS systems for providing backup solutions.

One of the pioneering installations which we integrated successfully is in storage of power generated from Renewable sources for Medical Emergencies. With Covid-19 raising an alarm across the country and especially to our health care system, the Government has been on super-drive mode over the past few months for enhancing and upgrading our health care system. One of the main requirements for emergency cases in Covid-19 is the availability of ventilators and patient monitoring systems. But more important than these is the power to drive these systems.

Sanvaru has been leading the effort, working with leading Solar Panel installations in helping them store the energy tapped from Solar power. With advancement in technology for Lithium Ion Storage batteries, it has emerged as one of the most preferred and sought after storage solution for Solar Energy. With the stress by the Government for green Energy, Solar has become a de-facto standard for green Energy. India is a country with abundance of Solar Energy, and the cost of installation of roof-top solar panels has drastically reduced over the period of time.

The outbreak of Covid-19 in recent times, and the stress for Rural health centers and Anganwadi centers across the country has given a boost for tapping Solar power for our primary health care centers. Health care is dependent mostly on electric power, from simple life monitoring system to complex diagnostic imaging units. They spend an exorbitant amount of money to ensure that their power systems are up & running, but research has shown that 10% of the time, emergency generators doesn’t start. This has lead to a push for Solar power, with roof top solar panels leading the race. Hybrid Solar systems, which comes with batteries can be essentially the perfect fit.

Sanvaru has provided solution with its Lithium Ion Storage, with capacity up to 20 Kw with Solar Panels to many private and Government Health organizations. Our Lithium Ion Storage batteries has been used in critical health care systems like ventilators and Patient Monitoring systems, which are the need of the hour for our country battling with Covid-19.

About Sanvaru
Based in India, Sanvaru is a leading Lithium Ion battery manufacturer of Li Ion/Life PO4 batteries pack Solar/Electronic equipments, Medical equipments, Home Lighting Systems and Off-Grid Solar Systems (ESS). We have been manufacturing and integrating Lithium Ion storage solutions for a wide range of industries since 2013. We are one of the most experienced Lithium Ion batteries manufacturer in India, and are the pioneer in designing of customized Lithium Ion Batteries for the off-grid solar systems for defence, telecom, railways and health care industries.

Sanvaru Technology’s driving force is its founder A K Shukla – one of the oldest hand in lithium ion batteries in India. With more than two decades of experience in electronic industry, A K Shukla has been into lithium ion battery manufacturing since 2007. Under his leadership, Sanvaru is now one of the leading manufacturer of high end lithium ion batteries.

Interested in Solar Energy Storage Solutions?

As a leading manufacturer of storage solutions for Solar & Renewable energy, Sanvaru can offer you wide range of customized solutions for your power storage solution across different industries.